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We often receive a lot of confusing and contradicting messages and education about sex and pleasure. (If we get any at all!) Talk therapy focused on sex and sexual functioning can include any issues that are relevant to an individual or partners in order to work towards understanding and integration of pleasure and desire.


There are so many different experiences that folks may have with gender, and I am here to explore and celebrate all of those experiences! Trans and gender-expansive clients may wish to utilize therapy to explore gender or may wish to just work with an affirming provider. Trans-inclusive healthcare is a social justice issue, and therefore, potential clients needing documentation or assessment for gender-affirming care are able to be assessed at no charge or on sliding scale. 


Relationship therapy is available to folks who wish focus on intimacy, sexuality, gender, and/or expansive relationship styles. I have experience working with various forms of relationships, including (but not limited to!) relationship anarchy, swinging, polyamory, and  monogamy. All relationships are different, and it is important to connect with a therapist who understands that. 


LGBTQ+ folks may come to therapy wanting to work on issues related to sexuality and gender, but perhaps you just want an affirming provider who understands the experience of being queer in Idaho. LGBTQ+ clients who are interested in general mental health therapy are welcome to reach out. 

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